Born in Evansville, Indiana, Elise Lyon received her BFA from The Art Institute in North Hollywood, California. This New York based artist has been active in the fashion industry for 10 years and has applied her knowledge of textile design into her painting practices using textile mediums, fibers and stitching in her canvases. With a family history of life in Papua New Guinea, she carries a tribal and spiritual element to her works. Elise's objective is to raise awareness towards the importance of communal energy while exploring lost tradition and to enjoy the passage of time represented in the evolution of our human network.



My mother was born in Papua New Guinea. I grew up listening to stories of tribes and how they relied on one another to survive, a beautiful coexistence. My mother lived in the Highlands in a house made of bamboo built by my grandfather. He built schools, bridges, hospitals and helped bring in electricity to the community. Their stories of traditions filled with color and texture continue to speak to me. This desire to be connected to the natural order of things has pushed me to travel out into the world. 


Experiencing other cultures has sharpened the focus of past and future in what is creatively possible for me as an artist.

My work is concentrated on the power of communal energy and how in today's world it is a lost language. I enjoy reflecting stories of those closest to me while studying our connection and its effects. The passage of time is chaotic but within it is beauty. This is also a great inspiration to me. I believe we are being forced to return to our roots to rediscover and rely on tradition and one another to rebuild. All of this connects me to our human network of evolution. My black and white figures, I call them shadows. A story of the past and the future. A balance of the Yin and Yang. These textures represent the passage of time and the nature of Wabi-Sabi: something imperfect and incomplete in nature. They are meant to leave a blank slate, an open space and a place where you are welcome. 


elise man-01.png

My process begins with either reliving a specific moment in time where I observed an important life lesson or by telling the story of someone close to me who has made a meaningful impact on my life.

The root of my inspiration comes from my family’s values and how we cherish bonds, connections and tradition. This has fueled my work over the years by keeping me grounded through celebration and appreciation of my relationships.

I developed a powerful connection to nature and her lively textures as a young child through the many stories my mother and grandparents told about their life in Papua New Guinea. This led me to a curious admiration for the nature of Wabi-Sabi and how the passage of time is sacred to the human experience.

I use mulberry, nylon, and cotton fibers at the base of my canvas to build an organic home for my work to live. I also enjoy using acrylic, natural pigments, gold foil and embroidery. Most of my techniques stem from my knowledge of textile design and how the combination of fibers can create a stimulating and transformative visual experience.