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Born in the US, Elise Lyon received her BFA from The Art Institute in North Hollywood, California and is currently based in New York City. Most recently she has shown works with The Indiana State Museum and is currently on display at Buckhead Art and Co. located in Atlanta, Georgia and Maison10 in New York City. You can also find her works showcased on Peacock’s TV show ‘Bel-Air’ and at Studio One in New York City for her solo exhibition 'Heirlooms'.  A few notable collectors include musician T.I., actor Malik Yoba, actor Khalil Kain and Dr. Nana Mizuguchi.




In my artistic journey, I practice a distinctive layering style by intertwining mulberry fibers, paper, acrylic and handmade paper-paste to create textured works with visual richness. 


The resulting artworks emanate a childlike, nostalgic feel. It invites the observer to explore the interplay of materials and hues as if rediscovering the vibrant innocence of a youthful mind.


 Amidst the layers, the work becomes a contemplative space, inviting introspection and posing questions about the ever-evolving nature of identity. By peeling back these artistic layers, the pieces reveal both new and old versions of ourselves. It encourages a thoughtful exploration of the intricate layers that shape our personal narratives.

This work gives me a unique perspective of what it means to be human as I seek to navigate the complexities of personal evolution and rediscovery.

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